Are you having an old truck parked in your backyard? Looking for a dealer about old Truck Removal? No one wants to see an old truck rooting in their garage. But they fear removing as they think it will cost them money. Another reason can be that they wonder about the broken condition of the truck. But let us clear the air about this. Samir truck wreckers are the leading service in Truck Removal in Newcastle that will give you a great amount of cash and you don’t have to spend a single penny for it. Moreover, you can get rid of your old scrap truck just by sitting on your couch. You don’t believe this let us tell you a little secret about Samir truck wreckers.

We are one of the leading brands that offer their customers the best rate for their trucks. We also provide you Removal of Truck Newcastle without asking for any price in return. Now you must be wondering how you can sell that truck just by sitting at home. In this online culture, you can buy or sell any vehicle online. With the help of technology and revolutionary change it made is making our lives easy. In the attachment that you can simply visit our site and get a free quote for your truck. When you enter the details about your truck in the form then don’t forget to mention the address and make and model of the vehicle. The detail you provide will be considered in analyzing the estimated value of your vehicle.

Same day removal of your vehicle
Yes, you heard it right, we make sure to remove your truck from your given address on time and on the same day you ask for it. Our team will reach your place as soon as possible with cash up to $19999 for your truck. After we remove that truck, we will hand over the cash instantly. It is just a simple process. We try our best to make it hassle-free for you so that you can enjoy your extra amount of cash.

We accept every make and model
So you have a truck that is broken into pieces due to an accident and you are unable to find yourself a good buyer. No worries Samir truck wreckers are here to help you. If your vehicle is in mint condition or it stopped working anymore we will still buy it and give you $19999 in return. Every kind of model is accepted whether you own Mercedes, Volvo, Scania, and ford. After analyzing the condition of your vehicle we will give you the estimated price that you cab get in the quote.

Our towing team will assist you in the best way possible and make sure your truck is removed quickly and in no time. When you choose us as your old Truck Removal Newcastle then from the start till you get your money in hand pur team will assist you in every way possible. Whether it is about filling up the paperwork or assisting the truck safely. Even in this time of Covid19 our team is dedicated to providing top-notch service at your doorstep. We have advised all our members to follow every covid appropriate behavior and wear masks all the time when they work. Contact us now for old truck removal in Newcastle and enjoy our services.